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August 2020

Featuring many of the best creatives around the globe.

Bobby Donaby

“The way I got in photography was a mixture of choice and coincidence. When I was younger, I truly enjoyed taking photos of any and everything. I was the family photographer however, the older I got the more I strayed away from photography. When I went off to college at the University of Memphis, and I needed money, I decided to go back to doing something that I loved doing. Fast forward to 2020 I am deeply in love with what I do.” Bobby is living proof that things in life happen for a reason. If he never picked up a camera again after he retired it the first time, we wouldn’t have witnessed the gorgeous work he puts together and creates. The process he and his friend, Dewayne, went through to create our magazine cover is out of this world. It’s amazing how they could mesh Greek mythology with the beauty of melanin and convert it into the masterpiece it is.


Ashley Johnson

Ashley Jones, or what many may refer to her as, Accentricartist, is an on the rise inspiring model who started her career with the help of @lasvisuals on Instagram, a creative photographer out of Virginia. Her uniqueness and creativity are displayed in photos and can be described as passionate, and spiritual! When asked where her inspiration stems from, Ashley answered that her life is filled with inspiration from what she may see on newsfeeds to her in and out of daily activities. Ashley Jones expressed to Undefined Magazine that she would love to be nationwide someday and to become a signed model. “I want to spread as much positivity as far as I can, because at the end of the day if I’m making someone’s life better, I’m doing something right”, stated Jones. The advice she would like to spread to other up-in-coming models is to put in all their passion and to never give up, because greatness may lie ahead.

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.”

Braxton Prince

As a fashion editorial photographer, Braxton’s portfolio stands out amongst most. He has the skill of turning a simple photoshoot into a masterpiece. He purposefully chooses simple scenes and setups to add an extra emphasis on the model he’s shooting. When asked where he drew his inspiration from, he stated, “My influences come from music, music videos, performances, then to the visual images and scenes I see when I’m listening to some of my favorite artists. I love shooting my concepts of music video scenes or based my shoot around different vibes from different artists and songs. Braxton’s start-up in photography was purely coincidental. It started when he was assigned a topic in high school, and the topic was to learn something you knew nothing about. He always had a camera around his home, so he though photography would be the perfect subject to focus on. However, little did he know, as soon as he starts learning more about it, he fell in love with it. Fast forward five years later, he’s basically a magician with the camera.

Kayla Lucas

Like many artists, Kayla Lucas’ artwork has inspired many and was created of inspiration from current events. Her collection entitled “Black is Beautiful” was developed to bring light to the black community, despite the emotional traumas black people have faced and are still facing, such as the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. The meaning behind the collection is simply to enlighten who we are as black people, is enough to be viewed as beautiful.
When asked where Lucas gets her inspiration from, she answered “I get inspiration from everything in life. At any given moment, I can get an idea for a piece. It’s a blessing and a curse.” Kayla Lucas mentioned some of her favorite artists include Faith Ringgold, Basquiat, Jacob Lawrence, and Ernie Barne, simply to name a few.
Overall, Kayla’s goal is to use her art to give back to the community and inspire anyone who may view her artwork as motivation towards anything in life. Everybody should be on the lookout for her plans to open numerous small galleries across the country to help other up-in-coming artists.


Ezekiel Uriah McGhee

“Dressing has always been effortless for me. Whenever I shop, I’m always drawn to pieces that most people would leave on the hanger, but I pride myself on being able to pull off everything. An average vintage look of mine would look pure elderly on most, but on me, it’s timeless and refined. I’ve always had a unique style, and by getting older, I’ve been able to grow to comprehend my likes and dislikes of fashion. Right now I’m accepting the space I have to create freely and be proud of style.” Ezekiel McGhee, a fashion pioneer, has shown how effortless dressing is. His fashion sense is 70’s influenced, specifically black fashion in the ’70s. He loves long collared knits, corduroy, refined polychromatic patterned textiles, and wool berets, that’s what makes him special. However, growing up in Tennessee gave him the confidence he needed to shine in the world. Since he came from a small town, it was all eyes on him, and he took advantage.


Christopher Wealth

Creative director, trendsetter, stylist, and influencer, Christopher Wealth finds ways to outdo himself every day. With a wardrobe like no other, he never disappoints with the looks and photoshoots he gives. You can tell he’s heavily influenced by Lil Uzi Vert, Jeremy Scott, and Kerby Jean Raymond. He knows when it’s his turn to venture into the fashion industry he’ll leave a huge mark.

“Created For the Undefined.”

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