Khai Smith, founder of Undefined Magazine

Growing up how I did, I was always overlooked, underappreciated and undefined. I never felt like I had a chance at success no matter what endeavor I chased. That’s when I realized it’s not about me, I never found happiness in doing things for myself, that’s where the idea of Undefined Magazine came into fruition. The reason I created this platform was to expose others to the limelight. I believe everyone deserves a chance at fame and success, so I want to be the one who can show them that future. Just like the title of the magazine, I focus on the undefined individuals. Who ever has been featured in this magazine, I believe that they deserve more attention than they are getting. I know success is in there near future, and I featured them to show them that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.  If you know anyone who deserves more attention, or you believe that you’re undefined, follow us on IG and tag or message us for a chance to be in the upcoming volumes.

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